Labor Cost

Harmonize Your Work Force

2D Metric makes comprehensive analysis accessible to anyone. Powerful simulations generate your data within minutes and in-depth analytics present you with their insights. We make it easy to answer questions about how your employees utilize their time, how long customers wait, and how operations impact efficiency.


Tailored towards your unique operations

Address bottlenecks, disorganization, and lack of structure

Access unparalleled insights about your employees

Employees & Tasks

No employee operation is too complex

Simulation construction is completely custom so that your operations are not limited by cookie-cutter prefabrications. Most importantly, the tasks your employees perform in sim are designed like a recipe. If you have any special processes, configure a task to improve the accuracy of your simulation.

Task Framework

Discover a schedule that works best for you

Regardless of understaffing, overstaffing, or a combination both, 2D Metric makes it easy for you to find a schedule that synergizes with your business. Even unique scenarios can be addressed to minimize labor costs, service times and needless inefficiencies.

Schedule Framework

Understand your staff's workload without leaving your desk

See how your employees workload fluctuates throughout the day, how they prioritize work, and the biggest factors impacting their speed. The only way to gather a similar data set would be to follow your employees around with a clipboard and stopwatch.

Employee Roles Analytics
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