Location Prototyping

Forecast For Success

Launching a new restaurant is preceded with an abundance of questions and concerns- many of which linger until actually opening. 2D Metric can help you get answers and understand what problems you'll face so that your restaurant is better poised for success.


Build and plan your restaurant in one place

Expediate building by using blueprint layouts

Compare key metrics to determine the best fit

Concept Collections

Accelerate prototyping with expansible collections

2D Metric provides a modular structure that makes your concept a series of interchangeable pieces. Utilize several locations to A/B test their viability against menus, schedules, and inventories. Alter locations by dragging and dropping new equipment from your collection into your layout.

Location Prototyping


We provide a framework where you can build multiple locations in the same scale as their blueprint or floorplan. Each location can be set up with separate costs and considerations to accurately model the nuances of their real-world counterparts. Once a location has been modeled, it becomes a blank canvas to fill with equipment and furniture.

1-to-1 Scale
Fine Tune Before Opening

High Level Comparisons

Each location contains unique information such as rent and utility costs; These fields are dynamically applied to analytics to help identify and compare operating costs to revenue targets. Use these findings to discover the best fit for your operations.

Location Settings
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Labor Cost

Harmonize your work force