Menu Engineering

Fine Tune Your Menu

2D Metric provides a thorough menu builder that makes testing new menus quick and easy. Discover what items sell the most and find the best combination that suits your location. From the loading dock to the customer's mouth, we track relevant metrics so that you have the facts.


Simulate processes to understand the whole picture

Rapidly test new menus against each other

Quantify the impact through comprehensive insights

Prep Work

Account for what goes into a menu

A menu is more than a list of items that you're selling to customers and we make sure to consider that. 2D Metric automatically attributes the cost of time spent prepping ingredients to the menu items that their used in. We also track the labor cost, prep procedures, and wastage so that your prime cost is as realistic as possible.

Prep Task Builder
Menu & Menu Items

Hot Swappable Menu Items

2D Metric makes it easy to test and adjust menu items on the fly. If the price of raw materials fluctuate or you're thinking of adding completely new items, we'll account for those changes at the click of a button. Menus can also be used interchangeably allowing for comprehensive and quick A / B testing.

Menu Builder
Menu Analytics

Extensive insights at your fingertips

Collecting and compiling all the data on your menu's performance can be near impossible. Our tool automatically generates and organizes data on each individual menu item so that we can gather service time, contribution margin, COGS, labor cost, prime cost, and profit margin. Its never been easier to get professional and comprehensive insights.

Menu Analytics
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Labor Cost

Harmonize your work force