Solutions Testing

Smarter Optimization

Want a bigger range or grill so you can increase throughput on some menu items? Maybe you want those fancy hand held POS systems? Test them out in a simulation to determine the cost to benefit. That way you can ensure you maximize the impact of your upgrades budget.


Complete control

Run tests for pennies on the dollar

Track all impact types

Entities & Stations

Create anything you need

With our Entities and Stations creation system you can recreate any equipment in your restaurant. This also includes equipment you have yet to purchase. All you need is the equipment's spec sheet to recreate the functionality you need in the sim.

Entities Animation
Eliminate Risk

Test all your options for pennies on the dollar

With new tech and equipment easily reaching costs in the thousands you can't afford to risk investing in underperformers. But with our digital twin you could test that new equipment for just a few dollars. So now you can afford to weigh all your options fully before making any commitments.

Running Simulation Animation

Determine the real impact

Once you have a base line simulation that accurately represents your current operations its trivial to test new equipment. Simply add the new equipment and run a test to determine impact on service time, labor, costs, etc. In a short period of time you can get the answers to any questions you may have about your options.

Menu Analytics Graphs
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Labor Cost

Harmonize your work force